Clustering using k-Means Algorithm

May 30, 2016

Clustering a unique problem which falls under the category of unsupervised machine learning system. In neural networks it also is a type of classification problem, which classifies the inputs into different classes. As, there is no training set available to hint or teach the system as to which point belongs to which class, this is an unsupervised learning.
clustering demo
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Booting up my Raspberry pi 2

Jan 3, 2016

Raspberry pi is a small and cheap bare minimum computer. It has been around for a while. It can be connected to various devices and can function like a normal desktop computer (apart from the performance aspects). Programs written in many different languages (ruby, python, javascript, C#, C++, java... etc) can be run on the pi! I had ordered the pi 2 B model. Now, I am trying to load the windows 10 IOT runtime minimal on this.
Raspberry pi internet of things
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An adventure in the Node land - first impressions

Dec 22, 2015

Node is effectively a new programming runtime (platform) for just about anything. The language in play is Javascript. It has various modules like 'http' which makes it highly useful for development of web services / apps. The runtime is very fast as it's the V8 engine of Chrome browser. Thanks to Open source community and Google for this. Node started with Rayn Dahl at Joyent, but now it is in the hands of a foundation. The foundation consists of members from various areas of the web. They are in charge of steering the development of node. This is good as opposed to a normal open source developer model, as everyone recognises a potential in this. Javascript is best suited for the web, as all the client side code is javascript anyway. This makes it easy for the development of web apps as both the client and server codebase becomes javascript. Smaller technology stack. Or is it?

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Joy of code generation using the T4 templating engine

Dec 3, 2015

Generating code is a truly fascinating and a very satisfying experience for me. There is something very meta about it... Effectively you write programs that write programs for you. I live by the advice (which also comes naturally to me) 3 strikes you automate. This shows an example of doing basic code generation using the T4 (Text Template Transformation Toolkit) template engine.

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English wildflowers

Oct 27, 2015

Oil on Canvas. the photo could be better.
English wildflowers preview
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