Mahabaleshwar road in daylight

Aug 10, 2016

Oil on canvas - Mahabaleshwar road in daylight.

Oil on canvas Mahabaleshwar road in daylight

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English wildflowers

Oct 27, 2015

Oil on Canvas. the photo could be better.

English wildflowers preview

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Cafe Coffee Day in front of the house

Oct 27, 2015

Oil on Canvas, night painting. An experiment after getting inspired by Van Gogh's night paintings. It portrays the night lighting in the shops across the road, while there is a darker foreground of foliage. I agree, the photo could be better.

Coffee day paiting preview

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A handy burn-down chart excel template

Jul 15, 2015

A burndown chart is a common tool for reporting the progress in scrum or umbrella term agile world. It is a very pragmatic and simplest way to check progress of the work, if its on time, it will end at zero. It also gamifies the work if teams frequently look at it, with an aim to finish it to zero. That makes it easy to understand by anyone in the team or management. If you are using the application lifecycle management (ALM) tools like Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Jira, Mingle etc, this comes in as a featured report. A typical burndown chart would span across a time period. I would start off with a certain quantity of stuff and progressively reducing that quantity. Examples of burndown charts in software development can be like below ...

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Shelf design MK2 - stage 1

Mar 15, 2015

I haven't abandoned the last shelf project - It is in good shape, but I have to do some refactoring before I can use it. The requirements have changed ;-) I am going to continue to finish that on leisure.The new one, is supposed to be a crockery shelf with glass door, there are a few new things to learn here before I can make this usable, but is quite interesting. Started by creating a blender model with the dimensions - roughly its going to be like above. I am going to build this using plywood. Have got the sheets of ply from the shop.

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