Quickhull into js and html5- p3

Mar 7, 2013

After this, I will do an implementation for all the popular convex hull finding techniques. It would be so easy to write just a recursive function for the quickhull in c++/c#, but putting the algorithm into javascript is not so straight forward.. but its fun :-) More vector logic and triangle point inside checks added, the logic now checks for extreme points for each edge, I just need to add them into the edge and recourse through the whole logic for new edge definitions. Link to source:!133&authkey=!AATEd_SmxpiGDW8 More later..

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Quickhull experiment in js & html5 - part2

Mar 5, 2013

Cleaning up the code for Quickhull. Added more math routines in it. Created classes inside javascript. Its simple to create classes(objects only) in javascript. One has to use the Java Script Object Notation (JSON) Example: var bounding_box = {     "min": {         "x":0,         "y":0     },     "max": {         "x":0,         "y":0     } }; The source code so far: QuickHull java script code.  Needs to recursively call on the edge subdivision. That will be when I get time next :-)

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Quickhull experiment in html5 - part1

Feb 25, 2013

More experiments on Javascript and html5 rendering.. Implementing the Quickhull algorithm. This will find out a fast optimal bounding volume encapsulating all the points. Steps: Find the bounding box Find the points lying on the box, they form a quad.. Eliminate the points lying inside the formed boundary Find the farthest point away from each edges and form a triangle of that edge with the point. Eliminate the points lying inside the triangle and add the two new edges to the hull Repeat the steps 3-5 till no points are found outside the hull.

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artwork new

Jan 16, 2012

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Dec 24, 2011

Study of Claude Monet’s impressionism… Repainted his “arm of seine at morning” This was done using Acrylic on Canvas. I did frame it at home with the wood work and gifted it to my sister. From Drop Box

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